The Power of Self-Victimization

Some forms of ignorance simply cannot be swayed by facts. It is not our place to sway, but simply to continue to support life. If people feel victimized, we must leave them to their victimization for that is their reality. This is not to speak of the grief process accompanied by the affects of rape or assault, but intellectual and mental victimization of self. Until any human being recognizes that it is themselves alone that decide their fate, they are capable of delaying their own, and in that, humanity’s progress. Losing themselves in the idea that they are somehow owed something by someone who has nothing to do with the thing they feel victimized by.

To a person who has trapped themselves in the belief system that someone is against them, someone always will be because it is with the very belief that a person is seen as less than or that others believe them to be, that allows themselves to live a life creating that reality. A reality that in nature allows them to halt their own progress, live in fear and oppression, and expect others to somehow create the change that will fix all the problems that have been created. Only the individual person who sees and lives the problems can fix them. Only the individual person who believes they are owed a helping hand can help themselves. Should we all help each other up when we can? Of course, but compassion is not what this addresses. This is an appeal to personal individual accountability, a request to look beyond all that we see as wrong or different with everyone except ourselves, and to actually look within and find the greatness, power, and freedom that has been waiting there for anyone willing to let go of the constructs of entitlement, victimization, and fear.

True peace and the understanding of human equality waits within anyone willing to take down their own sense of what they are owed and move forward with a sense of all that can be had and achieved with positive intent, belief, and action/work to create it. We all face obstacles, challenges, violence, trauma, betrayal, and hardship regardless of any of the physical descriptions that encompass our spirit. We are challenged in our whole being to support and better ourselves as a whole, not because one part of us is a certain way. If we truly believe in what we deserve, focus on what we want to bring about, and leave behind the idea that we first must prove why we should have been handed the gold star first, we might actually move forward as a species beyond this idea that other people should change so that we can have what we want. We might realize that we are the only thing we can change to get what we want.

If we want to see things disappear we must stop talking them into existence. The more power we give to the things we do not want, the less power we have for what we actually long to create. Proponents for peace reflect peace in their lives. Proponents for ethical treatment of animal’s treat animals with the same compassion they have for humans, if not possibly more. Proponents for equality…..do they reflect a belief for equality in all? Do they represent humanity as a whole without reflecting a prejudice or oppression that is felt to exist only towards themselves?

This is where I believe we have somehow forgotten a step. If we truly want human equality, we should behave as equals. If we focus on what it is that any one sees as their plight, does that help to connect all of the people going through their own various hardship? If we came together with compassion for each other’s journeys, sharing with understanding that we all hurt, would we begin to see ourselves in each other? Would we begin to put down the idea that any one person is somehow more or less than another? If we shared our positives, ideas, victories, and personal desire to be better each day, would we feel more like an equal congregation representing consciousness, compassion, and true lasting understanding of oneness to create a world built on understanding and love? Would we even need to bring up equality if we simply lived it? Wouldn’t it just be something that is, like breathing, walking, working, loving, eating, or sleeping? We could all just understand that the person we see is a reflection of our own humanity, our struggle, and our desire to love and be loved.

No more and no less than everything and anything good or bad can happen to anyone regardless of their outside surroundings or perceptions. Why then do we somehow feel that it is “just us?” It never is, and we know that. How do we forget that every human being struggles and no one has a perfect life? Better yet, what can we do to remember who we really are? One great encompassing species of human’s doing their very best to live in a world that goes against the intrinsic desire to be loved, connected, and bonded to one another with respect for the freedom of choice. We are beings of love and light. We are comprised of more space than matter, as is all of our reality surrounding us.

We send out electromagnetic vibrations that we control through the heart, spirit, and mind. This is regardless of what makes up our body. We literally decide our lightness, or density. We decide what feelings we put out. If we give people the idea, we believe them to be superior, can we be angry with them for leading superior lives? We encouraged and believed they would do so. Each day, each moment, each breath we can create the reality we seek, or we can live in ignorance. Do not sway the ignorance, encourage the intentions of equality in peace. Leave behind the victims who cannot see that they are the help they first need, and move forward helping all you can on the path to their’s and your own highest good. Give of yourself, accept what serves, and walk away from that which does not.


Throwback to now.

It is amazing to me the knowledge we carry around, remember, and forget constantly. I wrote this two years ago, but it is true to my life even now. I have grown a lot in self love, confidence, and peace. Yet, it is still a message I needed to hear again.

When people have spoken to me about the merits of a clean conscience and all the meaning of it, I never did have any idea what they meant. I naturally tended to act of my own will and chose to believe that was not an unkindness to others. Ive done my best to not do wrong by anyone else. I did not include myself in that anthology, however. I chose to walk the right path, but always lead by other people. In the end finding myself wandering alone wondering how I could be so disconnected, so closed. What is it inside me? I’d always find that little voice thinking. How did that happen? Eventually I let myself reach a place of awareness. This place lead me to seeing that things didn’t just happen. I began to see that life is quilted together. The squares, the choices we and the people around us make. I began to feel a sense of power, the ability to be useful, important, to account for myself the choices I make. Now, I’d love to say that was it. After that, my life only went up, happily ever after, and all those easy outs. However, I have become so aware of that power, that independence. I find myself craving it like an addict. How do I control this? Push it down a little I thought. That voice in my head telling me I could just cheat a little on my clean eating. Forget about running for a few days, my muscles are achy and I’m not feeling well. Stay up a little later, watch tv this one time. Slowly all of the constraints of my former anxiety were hitting me. I found myself suffocating in a sea of justifications. Life can be stifling and I was bowing my head. Rebelling while kneeling compliantly to the throne. Tumultuous and fiery we could never actually agree on anything. Unless that is, the ridiculousness that was our relationship. So, the little voice, it’s popping up more and more with thoughts I’m not accepting, but I’m hearing it. I’m listening. When one is used to living low, it’s easy to fall down. It’s comfortably miserable there. Let’s face it. We’ve all been there before. Givng ourselves pep talks, thinking ourselves through life, and what does that all mean? Obviously, it’s a quick route to a lethargic lifestyle. That’s where I found myself today. Lethargic, empty, and lost. Thankfully, I read my body, watched the signal, felt my breath, and told the little voice to shut up. I’m back on my journey to lightness. I am going to push through. I can figure this out. I just need to be conscious. I need to live, be open, and stay conscious. Every moment is a chance to be loving. Is your heart open or closed?



Sometimes, what feels like a jumble of random thoughts, will suddenly become one fluid idea. I was sitting here looking through social media, thinking about life, and suddenly the word just popped into my head. Now, I find myself affirming that we are not “just” anything. Often times we put the word just in front of what we’d like to hide behind.
Things like, “Oh, I can’t do that I’m just too…” in moments like that, I find it’s identifying with something we created. We could never be just this or just that because we are literally made up of everything. It’s strange the way the simplest word can justify all the complexities and fears of the human psyche. Especially when one actually considers the meaning of the word just, guided by truth, reason, justice, and fairness. In searching for this, however, I was struck by the fact that there are THIRTEEN definitions to this word. In the end it means, almost anything one could think of. It is righteous, narrow, exact, and only. If one word can be so many things…to think of all we can be, is only infinite.
We are not just anything. Just isn’t even just anything. Today, I hope we can all find a little more consciousness. After all, today is the eve of a very apparent evolution. May we all find clarity and hope for a brighter tomorrow. As always, thanks for listening and safe journeys.


We Are the Water

The last few days I’ve found myself lost in a spiderweb of thoughts relating to the mind, body, and water. Here we are living in our “normal state.” The place in our mind we are most used to. Yet, in times of stress, exhaustion, and other feelings, our state changes. We are no longer the calm running stream of consciousness. Suddenly, we have become frenzied and chaotic, like a hailstorm of negative energy. If we think about it during times of intense bliss, of pure elation, we may feel positively bubbly with warmth. As though we are becoming one with the water and air.
To then think about water itself,and the amazing journey it goes through is incredible. It’s life never ends or begins, but it simply continues to evolve. One drop may fall from a glass, evaporate into the air, and become a part of an earth-shattering hurricane. This is the same as our journey. People can wake up one day and begin again. We are all an evolution of the self that we create. We are made up of the life forces that keep our planet sustaining us. It truly is a balance, a constant give and take. Today, I want to keep giving as much as I can, to continue to evolve, and connect with the world as one. I’m thankful for each moment, and I’m grateful for you. Thanks for listening and safe journeys.


Patrick Henry Hughes

I just had the immense pleasure of discovering the story of Patrick Henry Hughes, thanks again Universe. 🙂 Such beauty, grace, and love come from every part of his humanity. I was moved to tears. I’m not even sure I can put into words the feelings I have about this amazing man. His father and he are just the kind of people who leave you with a loss for words at the sheer magnificence of their existence.
I can only continue to seek that humble gracefulness. In all that is crippling, whether it be emotional, physical, mental, or somewhere in between, there is that grace in all of us.
To be awed, is sheer bliss. I’m just grateful and thankful for those minutes of my life, and the thoughts that I’m now lucky enough to experience.
I hope that anyone who reads this finds the video. It worth every second. As always, thanks for listening and safe journeys!


“Those People”

Back in, what I like to call my “gray days,” I used to always wonder about people. I’d look at “those people” and find myself obsessed with how they were so happy. What made them worthy of confidence? Why did they deserve to be positive in any situation?
Today, I fleetingly used the term, and I found myself immediately redirecting my thought, genuinely surprised it had even popped up. Now, I find myself sitting here thankful that I am one of “those people” because really there’s no such thing.
We are all people. There are the people who are positive, quirky, intelligent, loud, goofy, happy, sad, learning, stuck, and any other adjective we can think of. As I’m writing this I also find myself grateful that I was even surprised. To see little examples of the struggle, reminds us to stay observant, be aware, and make it a habit. Love all, and in turn love ourselves. Be thankful for reminders of our own humanity, and always look up.
Majesty, joy, and bliss are the same as the sky, the same as us, and “those people” are the same too. Thanks for listening and safe journeys.