Synchronicity in Sorrow and Bliss: How Did it Happen?

This time of year always seems to push me to a new level of strength. I say this because every incident is a moment for opportunity or negativity. This year, I allowed the professional to affect my personal well-being. I started carrying things around, creating baggage where there once was none…This goes against what I believe in a way that created a battle for my Conscious. Tonight, I was faced with a moment of realization that allowed me to sacrifice for the service and betterment purely for the ones around me. I was given the opportunity to take the high road and to do my best to maintain my integrity.
Mistakes happen. They just do, and sometimes they need to marinate. In an all too immediate realization, I allowed myself a huge moment of vulnerability, but I felt safe. I thought it would be okay, and we could figure it out. That’s not what happened. I paid my workplace for being there tonight. It was for my own mistake, and like I said, it was a big one. It’s just doing that in the middle of my shift gave me the ability to serve knowing that no matter what it was going to be good. I definitely showed my emotions, and it took me a bit to compose. As always there’s a bit of a back story, but for me those aren’t the moments that count. The moment I realized that I could just work, and it was all sort of surreal, allowed me some kind of enlightenment. It gave me the ability to be as human as utterly possible with each of my interactions. It was a strange form of sorrowful bliss that I’m still in awe of. I’m going to do my best to maintain this perception, and be thankful tonight for the rest. I’m going to be thankful for numerous things, and especially thankful that tomorrow is a new day. We get a chance to start again.
Sometimes what hurts us isn’t material. With no true concept of material gain, our work is just a series of interactions with coinciding actions. The hurt was intense, but it was an emotional hurt. A human hurt from one to another. It was not a hurt over material loss. Realizing that makes me proud. Knowing that my heart was in the moment, and I let that happen. Felt every freaking bit of it, and am sitting here writing this feeling full of love, just wanting to express the power it restored in me. I know now, I can handle this…I spent a few minutes today looking in the mirror saying something like that, but my mind questioned it. The Universe decided that I wasn’t going to question it again today. I can do this. I believe in myself, and in my environment. We are all in this together, and if we can actually keep that in mind each day, we might start to get better. I certainly don’t think we’d be hurt by it. Please, let’s all just be human tonight, tomorrow, and the next day, for as many as we have. Our time, after all, is priceless.
So, each moment truly is a chance to be an opportunity, or a negativity. Sometimes, it’s both. This truly is just a string of moments, felt by our skin, seen by our eyes, and processed through our brain. Life is consciousness, and in my opinion the pursuit of the lightest, freest, happiest one we can find. Smile, be thankful, and remember it is all going to happen either way. Thanks for listening and safe journeys.

Stay warm 🙂


Little Talks.

I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me. I think most everyone has thought this at some point. Today I heard it in a song, and a little more of the gravity of the statement hit me. Our mind is always playing tricks on us, at least in terms of ego. We are sentient beings, and we have the ability to completely lose ourselves in our minds. It’s such a powerful and obtuse thing for me to continue to do my best to conceive, but it pushes the boundaries of my ego. For that I am thankful.
Our minds are constantly roving the walls of our brain seeking attention and light. They want to be seen and noticed just as we and any other living creature do. Trouble only arises when we start to give the thoughts our power. We are so blessed in this life to have the gift of observance, the ability to see beyond our ego to the self. We can truly begin to see, hear, and move past any thought that isn’t presently happening.
While this is not something that just happens, the practice is rewarding in and of itself. It’s in times of struggle that we like to go safely back into the land of the mind and hide out with our thoughts, but it is only a habit to break. Anytime we realize, it’s a step forward. There is no failure, only constant progression.
Everyday is a chance to find enlightenment and truly live outside the mind. Today, I hope we can find moments of observance, love, and kindness. Thanks for listening, and safe journeys.


Just Hold On to Letting Go

I can’t lie, lately I have been struggling with my ability to maintain my center. I have found myself in trying situations and using phrases like, “I give up. I can’t do this. I need to get out of here.” I have been arguing with the Universe. I’m not quite sure when it hit me, but of course, I’m glad it did.
We aren’t meant to disbelieve in the moments we are allowed. Life is exactly what happens in every moment. We simply choose our perception of it. In moments of disbelief, we question the moment in front of us. It is reality, and if we can accept it at it’s core we will only be happier for it.
Since my energy level has been coming back up, I find myself looking at life as a series of experiments. I truly care about every moment of my day, but I do my best not to bring it past it’s present awareness. I am blessed to love what I do, where I do it, and who I do it with. In remembering that, I will find peace in any moment that could cause disbelief.
If we can continue to live in our present, and let go of any question as to the blessing of every event in our lives, we can be enlightened everyday.
Today, I feel so much hope. I’m so inspired to give all I have and be blissful in it. I want to reach out to the world and share all I can. I believe that we can all feel this way, and do our best to share joy with the world. I see only smiles in my future, and hopefully, yours too. As always thanks for listening and safe journeys.