Approval Meets Thankful

If Approval and Thankful were two people, they would be very different wouldn’t you think? Approval dancing on top of the bar yelling, “Woo!” pausing only long enough to do body shots off her friends Desperate and Lonely. They all have a lot in common. However, where is Thankful in all this? Probably dancing right next to them. Alive and filled up they are all just seeing through different perceptions.
The mindset with which we approach anything will color our self in the experience. Approval, Desperate, Lonely, and Thankful all dance, but who was dancing for themselves versus everyone else? To live in a place of thankfulness to be alive in each moment. That doesn’t mean mistakes won’t be made or times of sadness had. It simply means we will be thankful for all of it.
Seeking approval seems like a worthwhile cause. We want others to know the potential and awesomeness we possess. We are happy when it is recognized and in craving that happiness we may find ourselves in a vicious cycle to continue to find that approval. This is the unconscious motive that I once, and still sometimes, let direct my self, or lack thereof.
When we recognize the difference between the happiness we receive from others and the happiness we create in ourselves, I believe we are instantly more thankful. A life of gratitude is within all of us. I know today we will be thankful and remember the importance of family. Hopefully, we can be thankful for the act of being itself. Tomorrow, let’s be thankful too, and in every moment after that if we dare. As always, thanks for listening, and safe journeys.


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