Connected, ebb and flow, yin and yang. They are the natural occurrences of life. Flowing through each and every part of it, thus creating a sense of balance. This creates the highs and lows, the drags and pulls of time, and the self we create. In this realization, we can hopefully find a bit of peace, internal joy, and contentment.
When things go wrong, when we make mistakes that’s when we are connected to that rush of worry our unconscious mind begins reeling, and suddenly we feel lost. It’s the breath in that very moment that can change it all. Remembering that space, that breath in between, can help us find our balance. Take that moment absorb, freak out a little, and then breathe, and move on. Keep doing the best one can do.
We are all capable of composure, clarity, and peace of mind. It occurs directly inside of us. We truly are the architects of our landscape. We are a part of and connected to it all, how could we have an impact on the Universe we exist in? We are a universe ourselves.
This sense of connection helps create compassion, love, and genuine empathy for the beings around us. We are all on different journeys to the same place. Doing the best we can. Today, I hope we can be thankful for every thing, being, and thought around us. As always, thanks for listening and safe journeys.


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