Break, Breaking, Broken…The Cycle

When one decides to start seeing someone on a regular basis, the connotation is always going to be that they are dating, and then in a relationship. For most people, I guess, that’s how it goes. Except, I’m not sure that’s really the case. As a society, it would seem we are programmed to watch relationships evolve and assume they are working because they are continuing. However, just because something keeps going, doesn’t mean it’s working does it?
I find relationships to be as confusing as quantum physics, and truthfully, I’d rather know more about the latter. So here I sit, wishing I would have meditated this morning and happy to be writing with you. There is a cycle to things…it’s almost impossible to get a clean break from anything. Usually, something is lost in the process. Today, we all face choices, emotions, relationships, and self. Here’s to finding joy in all of it, here’s to having hope, and here’s to moving forward. There will always be challenges and discomfort in times of change and evolution. We have the courage to make the change, and we have the power to be the evolution. Life is an art, a beautiful web we design as we live. That’s the journey, the “circle of life,” if you will, and so smile. Stand up and be. As always thanks for listening and safe journeys.


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