Between Want and Need

As the heart races, I find myself conscious of my breath. This is something to be thankful for. I am in the moment. Here, thinking, feeling, and observing…is the strength. There is that feeling of courage in the face of discomfort. Tonight, I wasn’t a softie. I said what I was trying to say, but kept shying away from. It was long, it was patient, and it was just finally the time.
In the end, it came down to not want versus need, but living between the two. True balance would suggest that we would want and need for nothing because we would already have everything in each glorious moment.
So, if we find ourselves disengaged from our center, we see so many needs, so many wants, and our perceptions begin to change. It’s so interesting to think that when something changes so subtly we have no recollection of the evolution until we are staring down the fullness of it all. That is where consciousness comes in. That’s the break in the chain that brings us back.
The mind is a rabbit hole for which there is no comparison. It is both a powerful tool and potential poison, completely dependent upon how we choose to use it. We have the power to choose. Is our mind our friend or our enemy? Do we hide in it’s depths of glory in its wide expanses? The choice is ours, both yours and mine. We are capable of unknowable abundance, freedom, and love. Please, for a moment lets glory in that and be thankful for this single breath. As always, thanks for listening and safe journeys.


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