Good Enough

Deep down inside, for the majority of my life those two words played constantly through my head. Sometimes a statement, sometimes a question, but almost always a feeling of disbelief. I couldn’t see my self in its entirety. Always catching glimpses of all my insecurities and fears. I had a severe case of tunnel vision. There was no question in my mind that life is hard, and people are broken. I didn’t see the color, light, and beauty of the universe around me. I searched for approval from everyone, and as a result made a long chain of mediocre decisions.
I have made it a very personal goal to not live in that place ever again. Apathy almost lead me to a life of feeling constantly incomplete. I’m so thankful for the journey. There are so many little blessings that are all around once we learn to be conscious. I don’t know if it was stress, fatigue, or just getting too comfortable, but I could feel myself slowly finding that place again. Now, I have two options, to fear or embrace. Thankfully, the Universe granted me a breaking point. A place where I finally could let it all go, and I did. I broke down, and was almost immediately lifted back up. I saw that it’s okay to just feel it, figure it out, and move on. I have goals, dreams, and now steps to begin taking to embrace them.
When we are conscious of the mind we can actually observe what’s going on. This is the key to serenity, peace, and joy in each moment of now. We are all better than good enough. We are all miraculous beings. There is beauty in everything. How could it not be in us too? Each day is a chance to be conscious of that and to live in that perspective, to believe in our power, and learn what makes us happy. Today, I feel as though I’ve woken up. Thank you, thank you, and thank you to the Universe and to you too, as always, for listening. Safe journeys.


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