We Are the Water

The last few days I’ve found myself lost in a spiderweb of thoughts relating to the mind, body, and water. Here we are living in our “normal state.” The place in our mind we are most used to. Yet, in times of stress, exhaustion, and other feelings, our state changes. We are no longer the calm running stream of consciousness. Suddenly, we have become frenzied and chaotic, like a hailstorm of negative energy. If we think about it during times of intense bliss, of pure elation, we may feel positively bubbly with warmth. As though we are becoming one with the water and air.
To then think about water itself,and the amazing journey it goes through is incredible. It’s life never ends or begins, but it simply continues to evolve. One drop may fall from a glass, evaporate into the air, and become a part of an earth-shattering hurricane. This is the same as our journey. People can wake up one day and begin again. We are all an evolution of the self that we create. We are made up of the life forces that keep our planet sustaining us. It truly is a balance, a constant give and take. Today, I want to keep giving as much as I can, to continue to evolve, and connect with the world as one. I’m thankful for each moment, and I’m grateful for you. Thanks for listening and safe journeys.


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