Little Talks.

I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me. I think most everyone has thought this at some point. Today I heard it in a song, and a little more of the gravity of the statement hit me. Our mind is always playing tricks on us, at least in terms of ego. We are sentient beings, and we have the ability to completely lose ourselves in our minds. It’s such a powerful and obtuse thing for me to continue to do my best to conceive, but it pushes the boundaries of my ego. For that I am thankful.
Our minds are constantly roving the walls of our brain seeking attention and light. They want to be seen and noticed just as we and any other living creature do. Trouble only arises when we start to give the thoughts our power. We are so blessed in this life to have the gift of observance, the ability to see beyond our ego to the self. We can truly begin to see, hear, and move past any thought that isn’t presently happening.
While this is not something that just happens, the practice is rewarding in and of itself. It’s in times of struggle that we like to go safely back into the land of the mind and hide out with our thoughts, but it is only a habit to break. Anytime we realize, it’s a step forward. There is no failure, only constant progression.
Everyday is a chance to find enlightenment and truly live outside the mind. Today, I hope we can find moments of observance, love, and kindness. Thanks for listening, and safe journeys.


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