Blessed In

As I sit here fully guided by the universe dreamy, yawning, and grounded. Thankful for the amazing blessings of today. I had such moments of enlightenment. We don’t SEE things….we sense them, our eyes view them, and our ego perceives it. It’s interesting because we don’t have to see a dog, a car, or a person to know it’s there. Yet, it feels as though we find ourselves relying so heavily on what we see, that we forget, either way, it’s there.
Images, emotions, and reactions can be created without seeing, without needing, anything. We are fully capable of creating the Universe around us. That power lies in our brain, heart, and most importantly strength of mind. It is a special gift to be a human. Capable of art, of thought, and expression. We can do so many things. We are such special creatures. We can love, hope, interact, and live so simply. There are rarely lions chasing us down.
I know that we all face challenges. Heartbreak, loss, sadness, and struggle are parts of feeling love, joy, and triumph. Today, I am thankful for the balance, for honesty, and for evolution. Im thankful for you, too. Safe travels. 🙂



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