Eclectic Realism

As strong as one may feel all the time, there are always moments of weakness. Balance would simply have it no other way. Yesterday, I witnessed myself as a milder version of the self of my past. It was disconcerting to say the least, but in that recognition I am thankful.
Thankful that I knew to seek guidance. Thankful to not hide away my feelings, but to accept them openly. Thankful to know I only wanted to move forward. I’m blessed to have connected and conversed with a kindred spirit. In accepting moments of humanity we are allowing our self to be open and honest.
Let’s face it, life is simple and somewhat undetermined. If we can truly stay observant and logical in nature without absorbing the energy of others…we have truly found enlightenment. To be overwhelmed by energy is to be exhausted, it’s as though our aura went from yellow to gray. All the while hugging and loving others because it’s my favorite way to power through.
So to be free from there, and blessed with the amazing day I had to day was, simply vibrant. Michael is wonderful, we had a great day. I went to a heated yoga class with two friends and pushed myself to new heights! It was intense, but I loved it. I feel restored. I have a sense of peace and beauty in the world. It helps that today everything looked like a painting. The clouds painted with the thick promise of a silver lining. It was positively enlightening. Which is all I had hoped for…thank you.
Today I hope that everyday is this for all. Balance, love and light. Thanks for listening, and safe journeys!


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