Leaves of Change

As I sit here, staring out the window at the beautiful evolution into fall, I feel at ease. Normally with reminders of the cold and wintery days and weeks ahead, I find myself fearful of my inside matching the outside. What if winter comes and I can’t handle the dimness? I realized today as summer sets, we fall into tranquility, winter in peace, and spring into the lightness and warmth of summer.
I feel so alive, and it’s almost as though I’ve stopped interacting with “reality” and started living in the energy of everything around me. In finding the expanse of the universe, I find peace in my existence. When we think about it, we exist to interact. We are here to find ourselves by contributing to the world around us. Our lives are richer for enhancing others, and we feel richer for it.
This gift, this blessing of life, is incredible in it’s silent power and humility. It is what lives in our hearts and souls. The true self, if you will. We are all a part of creating beauty, pleasure, happiness, and light…If only we all knew, life is actually not supposed to be hard. It really is fun.
Please, today do something so energizing, you smile from the inside, close your eyes, and feel alive. I promise, it’s worth it. As always, thanks for listening and safe travels.


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