The Universe

We are the universe. We can close our eyes breathe and see the connectedness of it all. If we truly live in each moment minutes of silence with the self can feel like kind, peaceful eternities and interaction can feel like a fun interruption from the blissful stream of consciousness that is being. Life is amazing, life is everywhere, life is all we really have at the end of the day. Life and death are the only two things we truly know, and aside from that we can only experience and perceive. This is a journey that is so unique to each one of us. Remember, each of us is one in four hundred trillion.
Right now, right in this moment I feel completely blissful, alive, and aware. I hope you are too. Thanks for listening and safe journeys.


Little Talks.

I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me. I think most everyone has thought this at some point. Today I heard it in a song, and a little more of the gravity of the statement hit me. Our mind is always playing tricks on us, at least in terms of ego. We are sentient beings, and we have the ability to completely lose ourselves in our minds. It’s such a powerful and obtuse thing for me to continue to do my best to conceive, but it pushes the boundaries of my ego. For that I am thankful.
Our minds are constantly roving the walls of our brain seeking attention and light. They want to be seen and noticed just as we and any other living creature do. Trouble only arises when we start to give the thoughts our power. We are so blessed in this life to have the gift of observance, the ability to see beyond our ego to the self. We can truly begin to see, hear, and move past any thought that isn’t presently happening.
While this is not something that just happens, the practice is rewarding in and of itself. It’s in times of struggle that we like to go safely back into the land of the mind and hide out with our thoughts, but it is only a habit to break. Anytime we realize, it’s a step forward. There is no failure, only constant progression.
Everyday is a chance to find enlightenment and truly live outside the mind. Today, I hope we can find moments of observance, love, and kindness. Thanks for listening, and safe journeys.


Blessed In

As I sit here fully guided by the universe dreamy, yawning, and grounded. Thankful for the amazing blessings of today. I had such moments of enlightenment. We don’t SEE things….we sense them, our eyes view them, and our ego perceives it. It’s interesting because we don’t have to see a dog, a car, or a person to know it’s there. Yet, it feels as though we find ourselves relying so heavily on what we see, that we forget, either way, it’s there.
Images, emotions, and reactions can be created without seeing, without needing, anything. We are fully capable of creating the Universe around us. That power lies in our brain, heart, and most importantly strength of mind. It is a special gift to be a human. Capable of art, of thought, and expression. We can do so many things. We are such special creatures. We can love, hope, interact, and live so simply. There are rarely lions chasing us down.
I know that we all face challenges. Heartbreak, loss, sadness, and struggle are parts of feeling love, joy, and triumph. Today, I am thankful for the balance, for honesty, and for evolution. Im thankful for you, too. Safe travels. 🙂



Just Hold On to Letting Go

I can’t lie, lately I have been struggling with my ability to maintain my center. I have found myself in trying situations and using phrases like, “I give up. I can’t do this. I need to get out of here.” I have been arguing with the Universe. I’m not quite sure when it hit me, but of course, I’m glad it did.
We aren’t meant to disbelieve in the moments we are allowed. Life is exactly what happens in every moment. We simply choose our perception of it. In moments of disbelief, we question the moment in front of us. It is reality, and if we can accept it at it’s core we will only be happier for it.
Since my energy level has been coming back up, I find myself looking at life as a series of experiments. I truly care about every moment of my day, but I do my best not to bring it past it’s present awareness. I am blessed to love what I do, where I do it, and who I do it with. In remembering that, I will find peace in any moment that could cause disbelief.
If we can continue to live in our present, and let go of any question as to the blessing of every event in our lives, we can be enlightened everyday.
Today, I feel so much hope. I’m so inspired to give all I have and be blissful in it. I want to reach out to the world and share all I can. I believe that we can all feel this way, and do our best to share joy with the world. I see only smiles in my future, and hopefully, yours too. As always thanks for listening and safe journeys.


Eclectic Realism

As strong as one may feel all the time, there are always moments of weakness. Balance would simply have it no other way. Yesterday, I witnessed myself as a milder version of the self of my past. It was disconcerting to say the least, but in that recognition I am thankful.
Thankful that I knew to seek guidance. Thankful to not hide away my feelings, but to accept them openly. Thankful to know I only wanted to move forward. I’m blessed to have connected and conversed with a kindred spirit. In accepting moments of humanity we are allowing our self to be open and honest.
Let’s face it, life is simple and somewhat undetermined. If we can truly stay observant and logical in nature without absorbing the energy of others…we have truly found enlightenment. To be overwhelmed by energy is to be exhausted, it’s as though our aura went from yellow to gray. All the while hugging and loving others because it’s my favorite way to power through.
So to be free from there, and blessed with the amazing day I had to day was, simply vibrant. Michael is wonderful, we had a great day. I went to a heated yoga class with two friends and pushed myself to new heights! It was intense, but I loved it. I feel restored. I have a sense of peace and beauty in the world. It helps that today everything looked like a painting. The clouds painted with the thick promise of a silver lining. It was positively enlightening. Which is all I had hoped for…thank you.
Today I hope that everyday is this for all. Balance, love and light. Thanks for listening, and safe journeys!


A server by any other name

I serve. In my everyday life, as well as in my profession. Tonight, for the first time in 4 1/2 years of experience, I finally discovered my true definition of service. I don’t believe in “tips.” Its not advice that is being given or an insider thought. It is an act of being thankful that for a period of time, there was a need for nothing.
In my philosophy of work, I work as hard for the team as I do for my tables. There is never an empty glass or dirty plate left unattended to. There is no question left unanswered or box left blank. I serve to connect, to inspire, to smile, and be a part of other people’s joyous experiences.
In my mind, to serve for money will never lead to a gratuitous table. It creates a sense of underlying tension, of the need to be paid for every interaction. I really do love boxing food for my tables, drawing them pictures, getting beer samples, or even giving directions to the liquor store. I love being a bright spot in any day.
So tonight to walk out of there with 11% of my sales, truly felt like a slap in the face. I know my ability as a server, and the age old testament of not taking it personally, but tonight I struggle. How did no one see the goodness? Why didn’t they feel the warmth? What experience did I not create?
While I know I can’t necessarily hold myself completely responsible for the actions of others, as someone who literally serves the public, I find myself questioning….why was I not worth more than $4 on a $51 dollar check?
I know not everyone has waited tables or understands the love that can come from behind it, but truly I love what I do. So I ask tonight, what do you find yourself thinking before you decide on a “tip?” I left work with a smile, dancing to cheesy bar rap.
I know positivity will remain the clear victor of my day. I just realize, I truly want to understand the divide. Thanks for listening, safe journeys, and thank you for sharing.


Leaves of Change

As I sit here, staring out the window at the beautiful evolution into fall, I feel at ease. Normally with reminders of the cold and wintery days and weeks ahead, I find myself fearful of my inside matching the outside. What if winter comes and I can’t handle the dimness? I realized today as summer sets, we fall into tranquility, winter in peace, and spring into the lightness and warmth of summer.
I feel so alive, and it’s almost as though I’ve stopped interacting with “reality” and started living in the energy of everything around me. In finding the expanse of the universe, I find peace in my existence. When we think about it, we exist to interact. We are here to find ourselves by contributing to the world around us. Our lives are richer for enhancing others, and we feel richer for it.
This gift, this blessing of life, is incredible in it’s silent power and humility. It is what lives in our hearts and souls. The true self, if you will. We are all a part of creating beauty, pleasure, happiness, and light…If only we all knew, life is actually not supposed to be hard. It really is fun.
Please, today do something so energizing, you smile from the inside, close your eyes, and feel alive. I promise, it’s worth it. As always, thanks for listening and safe travels.