Embrace your weird.

Giving. It’s something everyone believes in. However, it feels sometimes as though we assign categories or levels to the act itself. I find in times of crisis and struggle I ache to give. When I’m angry, I hug someone. If there’s frustration, I dance!
This awakening has given me thankfulness that awes me from moment to moment. I’m in love with life and the universe, even when it frustrates me to pieces…I find understanding.
People have always let me know I’m different. “Weird.” Yet, now I find myself happier for it. Entranced in the idiosyncrasies and differences in the world, I find myself less stressed and more centered.
The Universe is kind if we allow it, and people are kind if we let them. I once heard, “What’s the shortest distance between two people? A smile.” So let’s do it. Today can be fine, or it can be amazing….It’s up to us. Thanks for listening and safe travels.


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