Just keep swimming

I’ve been missing from my blogosphere, transient in nature. Tonight, I finally feel the stirring inside that pushed me to start doing this in the first place. Since last we met, I have been working opening a new restaurant and have been blessed in my efforts to have become a trainer. I’m so excited to be a part of something growing and evolving.
In my days, I smile at anyone and everyone. To inspire is to be inspired, and to give love is to feel it at the core. There are days I forget to eat, and I feel like I live in a surreal world fueled by caffeine and cigarettes, but I will never leave there regretting my time. I strive to exert my energy creating positivity, light, and flow. So many of us do. This is the change we want to see in the world.
So many people striving to build each other up. A team dedicated to becoming better everyday. Watching people dance, sing, laugh, and work hard for success pushes me. I can only continue to believe that we will push each other to greater success.
Today, I can only be thankful. We all work to create the reality we perceive, and ours is awesome. I hope you are all celebrating your journeys tonight. I hope there is peace in your heart and clarity of mind. As always, thanks for listening and safe travels.


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