Embrace your weird.

Giving. It’s something everyone believes in. However, it feels sometimes as though we assign categories or levels to the act itself. I find in times of crisis and struggle I ache to give. When I’m angry, I hug someone. If there’s frustration, I dance!
This awakening has given me thankfulness that awes me from moment to moment. I’m in love with life and the universe, even when it frustrates me to pieces…I find understanding.
People have always let me know I’m different. “Weird.” Yet, now I find myself happier for it. Entranced in the idiosyncrasies and differences in the world, I find myself less stressed and more centered.
The Universe is kind if we allow it, and people are kind if we let them. I once heard, “What’s the shortest distance between two people? A smile.” So let’s do it. Today can be fine, or it can be amazing….It’s up to us. Thanks for listening and safe travels.


Just keep swimming

I’ve been missing from my blogosphere, transient in nature. Tonight, I finally feel the stirring inside that pushed me to start doing this in the first place. Since last we met, I have been working opening a new restaurant and have been blessed in my efforts to have become a trainer. I’m so excited to be a part of something growing and evolving.
In my days, I smile at anyone and everyone. To inspire is to be inspired, and to give love is to feel it at the core. There are days I forget to eat, and I feel like I live in a surreal world fueled by caffeine and cigarettes, but I will never leave there regretting my time. I strive to exert my energy creating positivity, light, and flow. So many of us do. This is the change we want to see in the world.
So many people striving to build each other up. A team dedicated to becoming better everyday. Watching people dance, sing, laugh, and work hard for success pushes me. I can only continue to believe that we will push each other to greater success.
Today, I can only be thankful. We all work to create the reality we perceive, and ours is awesome. I hope you are all celebrating your journeys tonight. I hope there is peace in your heart and clarity of mind. As always, thanks for listening and safe travels.


The Fruits of Our Labor

Rain. Yesterday, my town had a huge fireworks show set to rock music. It is a tradition that goes back, for how long I am unsure. Nothing has ever stopped it, and people wondered this year, for the first time ever, if the threat of torrential downpour would. The radio station promised its show, no matter the weather.
Two friends and I headed down with no real plan, but to experience the intensity that is people coming together, flooding the streets, and just doing. I was of course, stoked. Albeit slightly nervous, as currently I am without windshield wipers. However we let life go where it will and we went along with it. The rain hit and people were everywhere. It was pouring and everyone was running for cover. I’m sure many people left, but I was overjoyed at how many people stayed. That tradition, that sureness, it kept a community together. It sent people out strolling in the rain. Running, jumping, and of course ducked and covered in tiny dry spots outside. The rain created a sense of freedom from the constraints of normal society and created that lighthearted feeling we got as kids on rainy days at school.
We got to watch the fireworks going off drenched, laughing, yelling, and carefree. I finally knew what it meant to feel infinite.
To me, that is grace. The beauty in those moments. The new friends, the freedom to just completely let go and be. Bliss is all around. Faith is unceasing. We are all here to experience these moments, to evolve and grow. It’s a magical gift that has little to do with money or other luxuries, but everything to do with our perception. Today and everyday I thank you for listening, and safe journeys.


Patrick Henry Hughes

I just had the immense pleasure of discovering the story of Patrick Henry Hughes, thanks again Universe. 🙂 Such beauty, grace, and love come from every part of his humanity. I was moved to tears. I’m not even sure I can put into words the feelings I have about this amazing man. His father and he are just the kind of people who leave you with a loss for words at the sheer magnificence of their existence.
I can only continue to seek that humble gracefulness. In all that is crippling, whether it be emotional, physical, mental, or somewhere in between, there is that grace in all of us.
To be awed, is sheer bliss. I’m just grateful and thankful for those minutes of my life, and the thoughts that I’m now lucky enough to experience.
I hope that anyone who reads this finds the video. It worth every second. As always, thanks for listening and safe journeys!


Terrifyingly Amazing

Tonight I’m so happy, it’s almost scary. It’s not even just tonight, it’s almost always. Of course, there are moments of frustration, cloudiness, and suffering, but somehow in all of those moments there is a brightness. A light that shines through saying “It’s all good.” Something inside my perspective has shifted, and thankful doesn’t even begin to explain my gratitude.
One of my favorite things to offer as insight is, it’s simple. Maybe it’s not easy, but it’s simple. When it comes to relationships, career, family, and the self….it’s not supposed to be hard. There are times of challenge, times of growth, and moments of realization. These are not the things that make life hard. Although, certainly they may cause suffering. We can always remember that without suffering, what is bliss? What is joy? Without pain, how would we be connected to the humanly embodiment of our soul?
I guess that is what is terrifying and amazing about this new set of eyes. It’s a gift and a curse, just as the Tao would have it I suppose. It’s absolutely invigorating to truly live in the seat of observance. To recognize those moments of emotional turmoil and meet them calmly, is something the lost girl that once lived inside me can only be proud of.
Tonight, I’m so happy, and I hope you are too. Close your eyes, smile, and remind yourself I’m alive I can do this. We all can. Thanks for listening and safe journeys.