Realizing Adaptation

Lately in life, I felt more plateaued and it was starting to bring about questions of complacent behavior. Am I doing my best everyday? Am I striving to be the change I want to see in the world?
Honestly, this is when I love instagram. Being able to watch self-evolution as well as the change of self around the world is such a special technological gift. It gives us a chance to look back on our life journey. It also inspires us to look forward to the future. To me, it gives a sense of constant adaptation.
I believe strongly in a moment to moment evolution of self. Once one new thought has entered our being, we aren’t the same as we were before it, and we won’t be again.
Realization of adaptation, impermanence, and consciousness allow for a sense of detachment. This is not apathy, but the ability to do our best in each moment without expecting anything. I stopped believing in the words “fair” and “deserve.” Most likely the things we say aren’t fair, the things we believe we deserve are not guaranteed rights, but a thought in our mind that has engrained itself so fully we no longer see the perspective outside of it.
In my life, I have seen trauma, tragedy, apathy, and thankfully, bliss. Once we know all we have already overcome, I’m not sure how one can be apathetic or negative to the life we currently live. I have so much faith and hope for this new world of consciousness. It fills my heart to know there are other people searching, learning, living, and loving. How could I not be thankful? This blog truly helps me align my negative thoughts and keep me in moments of realization about the greatness that is our existence. Thanks for listening and safe journeys.


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