Heart and Mind

Today, someone asked me a question that instantly inspired me. I told them I write because it’s a practice to keep my mind in the same place as my heart. I do my best to keep a positive outlook now, but in my gray days I wrote with anger, anguish, depression, and sadly no self-worth.
I hurt for that girl. My heart always gets a little tight when I think about her. So, I always come back to now and remember to be here. I look at all the love, all the life around me, and I send a friend or a stranger something encouraging from my heart through my mind. It may sound a little nutty, but I smile every time.
Now, thanks to you friend, I will remember to look back on my past with that same hope, that same love and encouragement. I am surprised everyday by the blessings of the mind when we choose to see the brightness we all have inside.
Everyday I am thankful, truly. I’m thankful for everything exactly as it is because were it not I wouldn’t be here. It’s been calculated that the chance of you being here just as you are right now is 1 in 400,000,000,000,000. Crazy, right? Thanks for listening and safe journeys.


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