“Those People”

Back in, what I like to call my “gray days,” I used to always wonder about people. I’d look at “those people” and find myself obsessed with how they were so happy. What made them worthy of confidence? Why did they deserve to be positive in any situation?
Today, I fleetingly used the term, and I found myself immediately redirecting my thought, genuinely surprised it had even popped up. Now, I find myself sitting here thankful that I am one of “those people” because really there’s no such thing.
We are all people. There are the people who are positive, quirky, intelligent, loud, goofy, happy, sad, learning, stuck, and any other adjective we can think of. As I’m writing this I also find myself grateful that I was even surprised. To see little examples of the struggle, reminds us to stay observant, be aware, and make it a habit. Love all, and in turn love ourselves. Be thankful for reminders of our own humanity, and always look up.
Majesty, joy, and bliss are the same as the sky, the same as us, and “those people” are the same too. Thanks for listening and safe journeys.


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