The Rabbit Hole

Once I started paying attention to my thought patterns, I noticed that there are so many times I internally disagree with myself. I’ll think, “All I control in life are the little changes in habits I notice.” Seconds later, I find myself redirecting, “If the world is my infinite possibility, then everything I do is in my control.” So did everything I just thought change or did I?
I am reading “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying.” It is humble yet insightful, and I find myself feeling drawn to it throughout each day. I don’t believe it is a book that can be devoured, but I don’t believe that of much of anything anymore.
Taking my time through this book and through most things in my life, is truly opening the seat of appreciativeness. I’m not sure that’s a word, but it describes what I mean. Finally allowing clarity of mind to overcome the emotional cloud of despair I had been blinded by, is truly like being gifted a new life. I feel balanced, inside and out. A feat, as anyone I know would tell you. I’m not sure I can fully appreciate the fullness of heart I enjoy, but I am sure that I can remember to be thankful everyday. I am sure that I can do my best to share my love with others. I am sure that I can learn and grow a little each day. What are you sure of?
Today, I can only stay in this place of tranquility. I’m thankful for what is sure to be an amazing tomorrow, and I hope the same for you too. Thanks for listening and safe journeys.


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