What Do We Know?

I have had the most affirming 24 hours I could hope for. Have you ever stopped in a moment and thought, is this real? Is this a way I’m allowed to feel all the time?
Yesterday, I had the privilege of spending the day with whom I can only call a kindred spirit. Together, we are always amazing. I’m so thankful for her friendship. We spent the day working our bodies, relaxing our spirits, and quieting our minds. It was positively magical. Being able to sit on a huge body of water and just exist for awhile, well it’s incredible.
Once we paddled to shore, we decided to head to another park in a different part of the city. There, we played. I mean, we really played! We played instruments, spun around, climbed, walked, ran, and in the end we were playing with all these kids! We were probably the only two “adults” in the water park. Who cares? We had so much fun just rejoicing in being in this glorious body we are blessed to inhabit. In the end, we played together and really got to just be, yet again.
I’m so entirely and utterly grateful for yesterday. Today, I am giving, living, and choosing happiness. To only be more thankful for my present.
Yesterday was real. It is possible to feel that light, that free, all the time. Just be. Thanks for listening an safe journeys.


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