The people in our lives impart so very much upon us. It may be temporary, long-lasting, irritating, wanted, needed, misguided, and at times, unintentional.

At the beginning of this year, I was at a spiritual low. Literally, I questioned whether or not I could truly be connected to anything ever again. There was so much blackness and what felt like endless walls blocking me from contentment. I wasn’t unhappy, simply apathetic. I could no longer imagine any kind of future. Although, I felt just on the brink of something bigger, something better.

Toward the end of my temporary residence in Las Vegas, I had the pleasure of meeting some very inspiring hairdressers. I was lost, and I needed meaning in my life. Nearing the end of a wonderful night, someone I will never forget said to me, “I don’t try.” I’m not sure he knew or I knew, what an effect that would have on me, or the journey that has since followed.

Most of the time, I hid behind that word. “I’m trying.” “I’m going to try this time.” “I tried!” After hearing those three words, I finally started to question my mentality. I took the word completely out of my life. I realized, life is about action…not trying to act. I am beyond thankful for the mind-blowing moment the Universe put in front of me.

I’m so grateful to be conscious, loving, and actually DOING things. No longer do I let “trying” stand in my way. I can stand up, use my voice, and be myself, a constantly evolving creature. I can give to others without fear of embarrassment. I can recognize fear and move forward from it. My life is full of what I like, what I can, and what I want. It’s no longer about what I have to do, what I can’t do, or what I “need.”

We only get this body, this perspective, and this mind once. Now, I see the beauty of that, the absolute miraculousness that is our life! Doing isn’t trying and trying isn’t doing. Thanks for listening and safe journeys.



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