Sitting in a Used bookstore

I’m sitting On the floor in the children’s section of the used bookstore. Elvis “Don’t Be Cruel” is playing, and I’ve just finished reading the scholastic classic, “Stone Soup.” I felt a twinge of excitement, this felt familiar. Peeking out at me, loosened from the previous book I had pulled.
So I picked it up and began reading. Adults, teenagers, and children everywhere could find something wise in this beautifully simple journey to find happiness where there is little or none. It’s amazing the gifts we start finding when our minds and our spirits are open. To know that I loved this as a child, reminds me, we all start that way. Sharing, growing, learning, and loving, it’s the true human nature.
Letting these natural feelings of contentment be visible to the world has definitely been a decision every moment, but it’s becoming more natural. Today, for the first time in a long time I walked into an interview, confident in who I am. Not who I’m going to be, not who I should be, or what I could be, but just exactly who I am. I’m thankful to the universe for this moment and every moment. Who knew life was so amazing?
Thanks for listening and safe journeys.


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