Sleeping to Dream

I’ve found myself dreaming vividly in the last few days. Fascinated, I keep telling myself, I’m sure it was just because of this or that. From now on, I’m just going to be thankful for each night I’m allowed this simple pleasure.
As a child, and in most dreams I remember, I was terrified. Always running, I was alone, trapped, and wanting to break free.
Ever since I have begun this journey to self, I have noticed small changes. Seemingly inconsequential little thoughts and attitudes. Dreams though? They are an amazing gift.
See, these dreams are creative. They have color, passion, motivation, relationships, hope, and growth. Truly, they are my dreams. No longer am I living in a “subconscious” filled with fears and anxieties. I’m living fully dedicated to happiness, to now, and to love.
Thanks for listening. Safe journeys.


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