Is it only blissful thinking?

I deleted my Facebook today. I know, to some, it is shocking. To me, that’s the puzzle. In my search to find bliss, I’ve decided to focus on the main character on the journey and the true players in my story. I want to seek true relationships. I want to be open, unfiltered, joyful, and loving! I want to speak through my true voice. So I must thank you for listening!
I found myself pondering words today. This is not an unusual occurrence. However, thanks to having more freedom sans Facebook, I decided to find the “roots” of these words. Manager has been quite a big weight on the mind. The word originally started as a term to describe overseeing horses. A synonym for horsemanship. The part that lead me further down this journey was that this word did not come into existance until well into the 1700’s! This end all and be all in many careers has been around for less time than corsets.
This really got me thinking. I started searching a few other words, responsibility, obligation, and practical to name a few. Similar stories, and seeing the true definitions opened my eyes to the misuse of the modern day English language just a bit more.
Then, I typed in bliss. Bliss, as a word, has existed since before the year 1,000. People having been seeking heaven on earth for much longer than we’ve been “managing” ourselves. It’s things like this that help me to believe the path I seek is my own, and I am the only person who decides how to take each day. If I believe in bliss, I will find it.
It’s interesting to begin to sit in the observation seat of life. Journey on and safe travels.


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